Asla horticulture

Asla horticulture

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Asla horticulture

Asla horticulture is an alternative form of agriculture developed in Hungary, mostly by the inhabitants of the city of Alcsútdoboz. In a different form, it was known as Alcsútdoboz horticulture since 1998. Asla horticulture is also the name of the organisation which promotes it, which was founded in 2001. Its goal is to protect Asla horticulture and Asla horticultural techniques, as well as to promote and support them. The name Asla is short for "Asztal Alsóban", meaning "Aszel Alsóban" (in Hungarian), Alsóban is an obsolete term of Slavic origin which means "to the west". In ancient times, the name was given to a settlement belonging to the Roman province of Pannonia, where Hungary was originally located. It then became known as Aszló, from which came Alsó (Western). Alsó (Western) refers to the location of Asla horticulture in the county of Bács-Kiskun. The word "Asla" is sometimes abbreviated to "Asz". This is a unique place name in Hungary.

Asla horticulture was developed in the village of Asztal in the 1990s. The initial aim of the project was to create a sustainable and profitable economy based on traditional methods of growing flowers, vegetables and grains. The project was continued in the village of Kékes after 2003, and expanded to a much larger area in the Alcsútdoboz. The village still exists, as does the Asztal farm (Ausztafarm). Asla horticulture is still active today, and still expanding. In order to be able to continue its development, it has moved from Asztal and Kékes to Alcsútdoboz. Since its creation, the Asla horticulture has evolved and transformed into a different kind of business.

The project is a modern agricultural project, with a high percentage of employment. It is also unique in the ways in which it meets the interests of its customers. This is an open, environmentally friendly project with a high production quality, aimed at the needs of the customers. It is also able to respond to changes in demand, making it flexible in order to be able to fulfill the demands of its customers. It is also an educational project in the areas of education and science, which is why it is also a community development project. The project is also an environmentally friendly project, which protects the region's traditional ways of working, which is why it is also a sustainable project.



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