How to use landscape staples

How to use landscape staples

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How to use landscape staples in style

Using landscape staples for the garden? The landscape staple idea is the property of a Scottish company called Tweedflower. The company is a gardener, manufacturer and wholesale supplier of traditional and organic natural plants. A few years ago, with the increase in popularity of nature and eco-friendly projects, the landscape staples project was developed. Landscape staples are garden tools in the form of very natural staples, but they are designed to work on different gardens and with a whole range of different gardening techniques. The only requirement is that you must use the landscape staples in a pure style.

How to use landscape staples for the garden

The landscape staples tool is a multipurpose accessory that is particularly useful for maintaining the appearance of your vegetable gardens. Just like any other gardening tool, it is also advisable to apply them a lot, and its full durability depends on it. A simple style is sufficient. What the landscape staples tools allow you to do is to change the composition of the perennial or ornamental hedges. To make the style richer and richer, it can be used with the help of the landscape staples, or just the place of stones, pine cones or in a living roof. The landscape staples allows you to create a totally original composition, and it is possible to combine several staples on the same spot.

Landscape staples for gardens with cement

To use the landscape staples in cement gardens you will need a bit more preparation, because the stakes have a bigger hole in which the stake passes, and the cement will be more damaged. Also, you will need a mortar. This is a simple matter of first making a mix of one part of cement and two parts of cement glue, and using this mixture for filling the hole of the landscape staple. Afterward, dry the surface of the cement to prevent the mortar from dissolving the cement.

Landscape staples for gardens with sand

Landscape staples are particularly suitable for gardens with sand because this tool helps you in landscape rock gardens where every fragment of stone has to be held in place. There are several types of landscape staples for garden with sand, depending on the size of the hole in the stone that the stake is going to fill. In these cases, the landscape staples need to be even longer. In this case, the use of the landscape staples is not recommended, because the natural position of the stake is not necessary, and the placement is not very aesthetic. Also, if you do not remove it, you will make the wall collapse. This happens very easily.

Landscape staples for gardens with pebbles

The use of landscape staples for garden with pebbles is recommended because it is a good companion for conservatories or similar stone terraces, where the stake has to be very resistant and durable, because it is subjected to more movement than in a more stable and firm medium. In the case of conservatories, landscape staples are used as an additional insulation to help preserve the moisture inside.

Landscape staples for gardens with gravel

For gardens with gravel, it is advisable to use landscape staples, because this kind of material is very resistant. The landscape staples must be of a large diameter, and its length should be at least 40 centimeters. They are usually made of metal, and they are installed in rows with a spacing of 8 centimeters.

Landscape staples for gardens with sand

Landscape staples are a good companion for sand because they provide a secure and aesthetically pleasing alternative to putting in fencing for the isolation of the garden. Landscape staples do not damage the ground, and they are also very resistant and durable. They are also useful in gardens with a naturally random appearance, because they are a convenient way of forming different visual compositions.

Landscape staples for gardens with pebbles

For gardens with pebbles, landscape staples are used to install security fences for the retention of the pebbles in their place. The stake must be placed to fill the holes with stones and secure the pebbles from rolling.

Landscape staples for gardens with gravel

Landscape staples are a good friend for gravel gardens. The use of landscape staples to install a secure structure for the retention of gravel is highly recommended. They are very resistant to vibrations, and they are always easy to install.

Landscape staples for gardens with pebbles



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